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I and II Chronicles

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    Michelle Lechuga

    1 Chronicles
    This is the Genealogies Starting with Adam.Then goes into the death of Saul along side his sons by the death of their own sword he didnt dead seek guidence from the Lord. He was disobedient. God gave David reign and all went to Jeruselem he became stronger and stronger. David refused to drink the water brought by the three men who fetched the water he took it and gave it to the Lord. His Armys grew great and strong in numbers. David pitched a tent and blessed all the people.

    2 Chronicles
    Solomans Reign, Solomans offering was a thousand at the bronze alter. God appeared to soloman he asked God for wisdom and knowledge. God gave it to him as well as riches possessions and Honor because he didnt ask for them. He built temple for God and one for himself He brought the dedications to the Lord.


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