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How Holy is this God?

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    Timothea Galoner

    Have you ever had someone say to you, “You think you’re “Holier than thou!”? It is an old expression, so maybe you have never heard it. Being holy today is very unpopular. It is almost an insult and certainly NOT PC. But it is the most relevant thing to relationship with God. If we are not holy, we cannot be with Him. And He longs for us. Those sins needed atonement. Light has no fellowship with the darkness. The Hebrews and we, ourselves, had no way to The Father. So, because He is a loving and merciful God, He made a Way.

    In Leviticus, His attention to detail to instruct the priests and the people (from rich to poor) to know how to atone for their sins is mind boggling. I want to personally thank the Lord that I was not chosen as a Hebrew that must adhere to such minute details to cover their sins. All these offerings: Burnt, Meal, Peace, Sin and Trespass, kept them from going outside the boundaries or gave them a way back when they did, and their confession to the priest – and to the body – assured them that when the priest walked into that tent on the Day of Atonement to offer sacrifice in the Holy of Holies for the whole body of Hebrews, their sins would be covered for another year. The priest, if he were unclean, may not survive (that is why they put a rope with a bell around him. . . so they could pull him out, lest they die also).

    Leviticus was a precursor to the coming Sacrifice that would allow those who believed Him to know there is a way to be absolved of their sin. Thank you, Jesus, for being the permanent sacrifice so we can spend eternity with our Holy Father in heaven!

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