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GENESIS, Faith in the Coming Messiah – On the Road to Sin I found Redemption

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    Timothea Galoner

    Timothea Galoner

    Genesis is about God making a Covenant with His people, with the promise that, through time, He would bring The Messiah to redeem them. It is about sin. A sin that is so dark that it separated us from all the good that is God. It is about Faith. Faith so big that it feels, before the end of the story, that what God promised would not happen. It is about reconciliation. God to man. Family to family. Forgiveness. Connection. Love. Through the annuls of time, delineated in the scriptures, the promise of God which began in Genesis are fulfilled in Jesus. Sin enslaved Adam and Eve and they lost paradise. Cain killed Abel and the ground cried out because of murderous blood spilled. Abraham lied and gave up his wife to a King to save his own skin. The future Leaders of Israel sold their own brother, Joseph, into what they thought was a life of slavery although they really had murder in their heart. BUT GOD HAD A PLAN. Faith is strung together through the lives of everyone of these characters in His plan. Even after being thrown out of the garden, Adam and Eve still interacted with God. Abraham believed God for a son at 100 years of age and was willing to give up that son to Him (a type of Christ). Joseph trusted God with his life and became the 2nd ruler in Egypt and reconciled with his murderous brothers by forgiving them (another type of Christ). Sin. Faith. Reconciliation. This is what Genesis is all about and begins us on the beautiful road of salvation that God has laid out for all mankind.

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