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Genesis & Exodus: The Unlikeliest of Believers – TP

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    Troy Percy

    Troy Percy

    What truly stood out to me when reading the books of Genesis and Exodus is that God only used A few key Believers to change the course of History. We can see it displayed through the Faithfullness of  Noah to hear from God and to start building the Ark when the world probably thought he was crazy. He continued to use unlikely candidates like Joseph to carry out His Will, over to Abraham and his strong showing of Leadership. The last and final person that He used was Moses to Deliver His people out of slavery within Egypt. And throughout the unlikeliest of qualified people as we always assume to expect present day to lead revolutions and change the course of history, God placed the beginning of all things in the hands of the most unlikeliest, unqualified of people who were steady Believers built upon a solid foundation of Faithfullness to the Lord their God.


    Great point, Troy. . . unlikely indeed! As you said, the course of history – and God’s will – was played out to the end so now we can build our faith from the story of their lives. Excellent insight! Timothea

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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