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    Austin Ratkovic

    The start of the bible describing how God’s creation was perfect and holy and he made it all exactly the way that he wanted which is funny to me because it included free will for the people and if it was me i don’t think i would have included that part.  The creation of Earth and the story of man and woman,plants, animals, sin, family, murder, lies, and an overall story of redemption and faithfulness from God towards us as the people.  A lot of mistakes were made even from the beginning by man but God still showed his love for his people that he made and constantly wanted them to do the right thing and love him.  I want to have faith like Abraham if i could have faith like anyone in the bible for it never waivered and the trust that he kept within God is something that i still need to learn lessons from each and every day of my life and truly ask myself what i would do if the Lord tested my faith in him like he did in Abraham’s life.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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