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    Angelita Madrigal

    Ezra- After being deported to Babylon, they were able to return to Jerusalem. They were able to return back to the original towns they use to live in. After arriving to the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem family’s had gave offerings to help rebuild Gods Temple on its original site. After they settled in and on the second year of them returning they began to rebuild the Temple of God. Everyone helped to build it. But of course the enemy has to always try to stop the Good work and sent some residents to stop them from rebuilding the Temple. But with God on there side the Temple was finished. Through faith anything and everything is possible.


    Nehemiah- Nehemiah was  told that about the walls of Jerusalem how they were torn down and the gates were destroyed by a fire. Nehemiah was so heart broken and started to pray to God for help. The king seen how much this made him sad and granted him to go and fix the walls. after seeing what Nehemiah was doing everyone started to help out. Things started to get done, but of course there’s always someone that just cant mind there business and need to make things difficult. But of course with the help of God things got done and the gates and walls were rebuilt. Nehemiah listened to what God put on his heart and gave him all the help he needed to get things done no matter what battles come in the way of getting the job done.




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