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    Brooke Percy

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>   In Ezra it goes through the Persians bringing back in the exiled and having to force them to be rid of their foreign wives and children or their forfeit their properties to follow the Lord their God. The exiles are held to go to meetings coordinated and ultimately forfeit their wives over their properties and promise not to allow any of their sons or daughters to be given into marriage to a foreigner and fall to worshipping their Gods like Solomon did from one of his foreign wives and they are relinquished from under oppression.</p>
    Nehemiah was about a man who was a cup bearer for the king of Persia; he heard from a brother that was a traveler that the walls in Judea fell. After praying on it tirelessly while in his own sorrows he became convicted to go help them. He rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, came against any who opposed him or his army of builders, armed them with swords and had shifts of people to make sure that they were never attacked while a man with a horn walked around with him in preparation for the heat  of battle; ultimately the walls were rebuilt completely and he became the governor. He left to go back to his duties with the king of Persia, and upon returning found priests and others not following through with their recommitment to the Lord their God; he overthrew them and replaced them with people who were willing to stick with the religious practices that needed to stay in place.

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