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    Erika Morga

    The Book of Ezra – During the second year they arrived in Jerusalem God allowed  the Levites to rebuild the Lord’s temple. They gave praise, thanks and sang a song to the Lord. The enemies of Judah and Benjamin heard they were rebuilding and wanted to help them  but the exiles stated to them they could not be a part of the building of the temple and that they were following the kings of Persia orders.

    They became upset and began to bribe people to work against them and not help with the Lord’s temple. The returned exiles celebrate the Passover with a feast. They finished the Lords temple. There were mixed marriages going on and breaking of God’s law. Ezra prayed and confessed these sins to the Lord and people turned away from their sins and allowed Ezra to lead them.


    The Book Of Nehemiah-  Nehemiah was a spiritual leader and had complete dependence on God to fight for them as they rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. Nehemiah fasted and prayed he held a position of high honor and great influence. Enemies made up stories and plotted to harm Nehemiah but he did not fall for their trap.

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