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Ezra 7:10, Nehemiah 2:12

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    Jennifer Gonzalez

    Ezra was a great leader just reading about the impact He had in His life was very inspiring. He made sure to carry on what Zerubbabel had started in the remnant. At the start of His arrival as a leader, He prepared his heart to seek, do and teach the word of the LORD (Ezra 7:10). I believe the word of the LORD is strong and shifts the atmosphere which allows us to be that pivotal point in society; it should also be what we as leaders stand firm on daily through every trial and circumstance, not just to seek it but to be doers of the word just as Ezra did in His leading to Jerusalem. God saw His people through because of His heart.
    As I read Nehemiah I remembered the story of How the Hallmark campus was built. Just like Nehemiah sectioning off the wall to different groups to guard and rebuild. I was told that sticky notes were placed onto each wall with an amount of how much the repairs or build would cost. each person involved for the rebuilding would grab a note and pay accordingly. Not only did Nehemiah rebuild the walls to protect the people God laid on His heart (Nehemiah 2:12), Nehemiah rebuilt the people to purpose. I am thankful that we have a GOD who calls us chosen, sets us apart becoming our strong tower who we run to, and rebuilds our inner-parts to His wholeness through His vessels.

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