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    Eileen Ahumada

    In the book of Ezekiel, like stubborn children refusing to obey their father, the people of Israel often refuse to listen to God. And like a loving parent, God repeatedly called his prophet back to obedience. He sent prophet’s, like Ezekiel to preach messages of Judgement and restoration. Ezekiel was a priest who was among the captives taken to Babylon when the Jews were deported. In Babylon, God called Ezekiel to be a prophet and Ezekiel warned his people the Jerusalem’s judgment was not yet complete. His preaching was not well received by the Jews who were with him in captivity. The thought he should be giving message of comfort and hope , not judgement. Ezekiel’s predictions came true as Jerusalem was destroyed . After that the people listened to Ezekiel’s preaching’s. After Ezekiel’s predictions of doom were proved his message changed from one of judgment to one of comfort and hope.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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