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Ezekiel, Called and Commissioned

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    Nicole Villalobos

    Ezekiel was called and commissioned to preach and prophesy to bring not only influence, but rather a lasting impact on the people of Jerusalem. God did this through symbolic actions at the expense of the prophet, or visual aids rather, that would command the peoples attention. Not only was the the book of Ezekiel prophetic to his day and age, but it is quite prophetic to our times today. Ezekiel saw the spirit of God come down like a wheel within a wheel bringing forth momentum that could not be stopped. This momentum caused dry bones to live again resurrecting a mighty army of God. In the same fashion, the church is almost as the valley of dry bones as many have veered away from their first love. We need the spirit of God to come breathe the breath of life upon the church so that many will be resurrected and take their place in the army of God once more. The book of Ezekiel also foreshadows the wars to come in the Gog and Magog war and the finality of satan once and for all, ushering in the millenial reign of Christ and the glory of God.

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