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    Brigitte Willis

    The book of Ezekiel drives deep to my heart that Lord is more righteous and holy than I could ever perceive.  He has made it clear that He is Lord, deserving of all our loyalty and obedience. We can never be holy enough to meet His high standard. And we are accountable for our disobedience. It produces a heart of repentance. I’m so thankful He had a plan for salvation. I am also humbled by Ezekiel’s faithfulness. God trusted him with much. I can’t imagine receiving the painful messages that Ezekiel received from God, let alone delivering them to the people. He makes it so graphic that I can feel pain. It saddens me that much of our world today have chosen to not serve our Lord. I can only imagine the pain we continue to cause our Lord. I thank God again for salvation. Oh what a wonderful eternity it will be. How great is His grace and mercy. We are clearly not worthy, yet He is so loving and faithful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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