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    Michelle Chow

    Ezekiel was a priest and prophet who was to assigned by God to warn the nation of Israel of the coming of judgement because of all the rebelliousness they had committed against Him. His name means “God strengthens” and he served for 22 years in Babylon. He was very committed to The Lord and wanted everyone to do the same. But the people were hard hearted and stubborn set in their ways and refused to listen to God. He was gifted with wisdom and understanding and extremely passionate. Ezekiel’s job was to let the people know of the wrath of God which was soon to come if they didn’t repent. People rejected him and all the warnings of God, they were making up prophesies and even contradicting the message of God’s true prophets. So God brought judgement upon the nation.

    God searched  for His people (sheep) to rescue them from the places that were scattered that had wandered through the mountains and hills like sheep without a Shepherd. He was angry that these so called shepherds had become selfish and rebellious towards Him to only abandon His sheep. God Himself declared that He would rescue and tend to His sheep to bring them back home to a place of safety. He declared that we would strengthen all that had become weak and feed them justice. He was determined to restore all that had been taken from His people. Ezekiel was taken to a valley of bones which pretty much represented what had died within Gods people that was taken stripped away of hope and misled by all the lies and deception that were being taught. God wanted Ezekiel to prophecy to the dry bones to live again, God would put His spirit in them and turn their stony hearts into a heart of flesh, His flesh and bring them back home to their own land.

    God had Ezekiel prophecy that He unify them into one nation where one king would rule them all and that they would no longer be divided into two kingdoms. He declared that they would never pollute themselves with idols and vile images and rebellion. God is so merciful He wanted to save and restore His people and cleanse them of all their sins.

    This is a good reminder that if we were to continue to live in sin without repenting, would only separate us from God which then would lead us  to experience judgement. If we repent God is quick to forgive and deliver us from our sins and restore to us His presence, His spirit. His guidance, and most importantly reunited with Him.





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