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    James McGilberry

    The  Book of Ezekiel focuses on the impending judgement that God will inflict on the nation of Israel.  Due to the rebelliousness of his nation/ it’s inhabitants. God uses three of his major prophets    The book of Ezekiel is also a book of the Bible that highlights hope  and God’s  promise of redemption.  The book of Ezekiel also focuses on a new exodus, a new covenant, and also a restored Jerusalem.   The  Davidic covenant was revived and there was also a worldwide recognition of the Lord and his son Jesus.  There was also a tranquil Christlike peace.  The book of Ezekiel is divided into three major sections.  I.) The oracles of judgement against Israel  II.)  The oracles against other nations III.) The promises of Israel’s restoration.  A key vision that stands out in the book of Ezekiel is that God removed his presence from the temple in Jerusalem because of the evil.  That they Israelites was engaging in!   The book of Ezekiel also highlights the fact that even though God’s temple was destroyed that God is still in control of this world.  God makes it clear in the book of Ezekiel.  That those who threaten to do harm to his people.  Will be defeated in the end!  God’s closing promises are as highlighted in the book of Ezekiel as well.  In the end God will renew the hearts of his people and he will refresh the lives of his people as well!

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