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Exodus – looking at the cloud

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    Chris Villalobos

    As the Israelite’s journeyed out of Egypt to start a new way of life, it must have been scary and foreign to them. They were accustomed and acclimated to life being a certain way. Now that was all different. God lead them out into the wilderness but he didn’t just leave them their. He reassured them that his was with them with the cloud of his presence.  Wherever the cloud went they followed. We can learn from this and apply to our life. We must learn to look up and follow the cloud knowing that God will guide us.


    Janina Cuellar

    So many of us today are so scared of change, if we would just have a little faith, (small as a mustard see faith) and believe that GOD will never leave us and is always guiding us into a new journey ..


    Kathy Vara

    It is a privilege to be a child of God and it is only because of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us all in his suffering by giving his body to be broken and ultimately dying on the cross to make the way for forgiveness of the sins of the world.  Jesus set the example of how to forgive and love others even while being persecuted.  This is the ultimate sacrificial love of all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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