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    Tammy Ahumada

    A book of redemption.  Moses is chosen by God to be a instrument used by God to free his people.  I think he must have felt as inadequate as we all do at times.  But God chose him and after a bit of rumpling, he stepped into his position and with his brothers help saved his people. The plagues, blood, the red sea, again more murder!  Another Lifetime movie! God used him, a man that wasn’t fluent in speech and a murder to save his chosen people.  If God can use him that should prove that God can use anyone.

    The 10 commandments, the law that we all strive to live by but fall short of more times that not. God’s handwritten word on tablets!  What an awesome thing that would have been to see!

    The building of the tabernacle and all it’s intricate designs and specifications.  Another Wow for me!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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