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    Austin Ratkovic

    This book to me really outlines how intentional God’s love and plans for our lives is no matter the level of difficulty that we personally feel like we are facing he always stays faithful to the promise of giving us a hope and a peace through a relationship with him.  Getting out of slavery and away from Pharoah was something that the Israelites probably felt was an impossibility, but our God who is the same back then as he is today has no limits that can be placed on what he says is possible.  He loves to take things that seem impossible for man and show us that only he can do these things and give us freedom from opressions and bondages.  God chose to continue to harden Pharoah’s heart so that his big picture could be seen by anyone and could never deny that it was an act of God that brought them out of Egypt and delivered them from such harsh slavery.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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