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    Ofelia Herrera

    In the book of Exodus, we are given God’s commandments. I look at the very many obstacles that God removed to use Moses and it makes me think of myself. I should have been dead, I felt worthless, yet I was chosen. The attention to detail goes without saying the least of how God works and is evident in his instructions given in this book. My biggest thing however is that he only gave us ten commandments. He knew if we could start here, we could be his.
    One: I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, you shall have no GOD before me
    Two: do not use MY NAME in my vain
    Three: Keep the Sabbath day
    Four: Honor your MOM and DAD
    Five: Do NOT kill
    Six: Do NOT commit adultery
    Seven: Do NOT steal
    Eight: Do NOT bear false witness
    Nine: Do NOT covet the neighbors’ wife
    Ten: Do NOT covet the neighbors’ goods

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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