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Esther – Claudia R

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    Claudia Rodriguez

    The book of Esther has to do with those who stayed in the land of captivity.  God was providing, directing and leading people who sometimes do not want to be led.  The author of the book of Esther is unknown.  King Ahasuerus also known as King Xerex reigned the Persina Empire from 485 B.C. to 465 B.C.  Esther was Jeish who married a Gentile.  Esther saved the people of Israel so that the Deliverer might come as promised.  She was also the cousin of Mordeci, was an orphan and was adopted by mordecai.  Mordecai was in the royal service of the palace.   Haman was a Jew and knew the law of God . Mordecai refused to bow before him.  Haman  hated Jews because Mordecai would not bow before him, so he appealed to the king of the Jews.  The meaning of the book of Esther.  God’s people were about to be destroyed but God used Esther at the right time. The story is one of God’s providence in the preservation of His people.

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