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    Victor Usher

    The book of Esther was an interesting read. Esther had honored Mordecai by remaining humble in her position around the king. I found how even though Haman had jealousy towards Mordecai, and didn’t aim after him, but tried to destroy his Jewish people, it didn’t work, and his efforts were turned on him, and his family. I admired the respect Ester held, and her approach when speaking to the king, putting her life & reputation on the line. In a diff. note, I found it interesting how I just read about some of these statures of consideration in Contagious Christian, & I grasped it while reading Esther. It looked like it took some time for Mordecai and Esther to re-write a new decree for the Jewish people, and in that time, she encouraged them to stay strong and together. This brought revelation in my eyes like, “Even when God comes through with something, still remain faithful because he will finish what he started.” This also reminds me of that song that goes, “Even when I don’t see that your workin, you never stop, you never stop workin.” This brings revelation on a scripture too. Job 22:28 – I shall decree a thing, and it will be established in my life.  I also found it interesting how the “plunder” from their enemies, the Jewish people killed, wasn’t touched. What a good read.

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