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    Evelia McMahon

    The Book of Esther explains the story of a the brave Jewish girl named Hadassah who risked her life to save her people. When the King was looking for a queen, Hadassah whose Jewish name was change to Esther, kind of went under cover by the direction of her uncle Mordecai who raised her. Although she found favor in the palace and became the queen, the wife of King Ahasuerus she still had to wait for the king to call her for her to be able to see him or she could die. She took a chance I went to see the king anyways because Haman had tricked the king into signing a decree to kill all the Jews. Not only did Esther and the Jewish people life was spared but her uncle Mordecai was exalted. Although the Book of Esther does not mention God, we can see him working in the background, which gives me confidence that he still working things out in my life also.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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