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    Moses Guzman

    In the book of Esther it talks about the main characters Esther, Haman, the King and Morticai. Esther is this beautiful woman who disguised her Jewish identity. Not once in the book is God mentioned! crazy! In the story Mordecai saved the kings life and earns favor with him. Haman is the villain in the story of Esther because Haman decrees to kill every Jew just because Mordecai is Jewish and he refused to bow down to Haman. But irony of the story is that even when Haman attemped to get Mordecai killed the tables turned on Haman the king would ask everyone to give praise to Mordecai for saving his life and iin the end Haman was the one who got executed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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