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Deuteronomy: A Recap

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    Brooke Percy

    In this chapter of the bible Moses basically recapped the Isrealites flee from Egypt into the wilderness and all of the instructions / commands from God; Moses is the star of this chapter as he is able to recap and explain all things as a prophetic voice. He explained the commandments given to live a Holy life, the worshipped calf – as a matter of fact at the end Moses even mentions to them the way that they’ve rebelled even during his lifetime against the Lord their God and how they will all die of into the land of milk and honey. But he basically recapped much of leviticus, and numbers and you hear the tone of disappointment in his voice as he discusses how hard he tried to lead them and going into the 40 days with God time in and time out – fell on his face each and every time for these people that only weeped and gnashed their teeth for their own sins and desires. And as Moses sacrificed his life on Earth to lead this group of disgruntled people, even he ended up disobeying God at some point getting the living water out of the rock. And he, too, was told – would not make it into the land of Milk and Honey regardless of all of his sacrifices and intent to lead a rebellious peoples all in hopes to save the 2nd generation.

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