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Daniel – B. Willis

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    Brigitte Willis

    It was amazing to read how faithful Daniel was to God’s and His ways, even in a world that knew nothing of our God, and that encouraged him to follow their ways. He didn’t compromise. He was so wise and tactful in how he delt with those against him, and God kept him and continued to grant him favor through it all. And Daniel was faithful to give God all the glory. His life is a reminder that contrary to worldly wisdom, doing things God’s way is the wisest and best way, and God will keep us even when threatened with death. He fought the good fight peacefully and diligently, even into old age. He didn’t retire, he kept serving the Lord. And God promised him rest after death, and the inheritance. So when I get weary in the fight, I can remember how much tirelessly the prophets like Daniel served, and the rest and inheritance that we’ll receive as our reward. Our God is so so good.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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