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Chronicles 1 and 2

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    Brian Fondanova

    First Chronicles discusses the reign of king David and traces his ancestry back to Adam.  It also focuses on the details of his administration.  This books emphasis is on how to properly worship God.  Something that David’s life was constant in exemplifying. Ezra was the author of both of these books.

    Second Chronicles begins with the building of the temple by Solomon.  More than 400 years later it concludes with Cyrus rebuilding the temple.  The kingdom of Judah is in a steady decline throughout this book.  The temple and temple worship are the main theme of this book.  The people end up straying from the temple and pay for it.  Rewards of faithfulness, consequences of sin,   the temple, reform, national collapse and restoration sum up this book.  No matter how far we fall God is always there to pick us back up.

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