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Checkmate the Kings

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    Nicole Villalobos

    The books of I and II Kings is similar to the object of the game of chess. That is to take out the king at all means necessary. With the “head” or king gone, the game is over. The strategies by which to get to the king can be as deceptive and cunning as a snake in the grass. The pawns are moved around as merely players in the game for one agenda. In this case we have the Lord God as the master chessman moving the players of the game around in both the Northern and Southern kingdoms for the sole purposes of His agenda, Jesus. We see the preservation of the Davidic line which Jesus will come from, which in essence is our saving branch of grace. If a chess player has no vision they will perish in the game, likewise where there was no vision the people perish, and the Lord surely had a vision of seeing us redeemed unto himself so there could be a final checkmate and the game would eternally be over. Praise be to God!


    Kimberly Valverde

    Great analogy! Love it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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