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    Deborah Equels

    Week 8                            Lesson 8                                2nd Quarter

    Biblical Studies 102:                    Book of Isaiah:


    The central message of the Book of Isaiah actually means (Jehovah Saves), and the theme of this Book is Salvation, as Isaiah portrays Jesus Christ the Messiah.

    Isaiah a Judean Prophet is known for his Prophesizing, and has done so for forty – four years of his Life. He is also one of the main figures in the Book of Isaiah, and at times he has been known as the Author of the Book. Isaiah believed in the power of God and said that the world belonged to the Almighty and that he would destroy it as well, Isaiah had advised people to turn to God for all their needs in life and was immensely displeased by their lack of FAITH. Isaiah gave warnings of judgement and promise of a Joyful deliverance, in Chapter 28-35.

    Isaiah is also the final Book of writings in the Old Testament, and saw the Birth of Christ and the Death on the Cross Isaiah 53. Isaiah also witness the second coming and Jesus’s reigning over His kingdom, and the Final restoration and Promised Glory (Chapter 58-66).

    There are 66 Chapters in the Book of Isaiah, and also 66 Books in the Bible, so if you read all of the Book of Isaiah it would be giving you a summary of the events from the creation of times to the end of times.



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