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Biblical 102 lesson 5 Ester

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    Janina Cuellar

    The book opens King Xerxes was throwing a 180 party, he summons his wife Vashti to show off, but she refuses and he then has her vanished from the palace. As time goes on he suggest to his minister to find him a new queen, the elaborate a beauty contest of all the kingdoms beautiful maidens.  Ester was a beautiful Jewish woman from Shushan. She was raised by her uncle/teacher Mordechai one of the leader of the Jewish people in exile. Out of all the maidens Ester was chosen, the King Xerxes loved her charm and favor before him and she became queen.

    Mordechai later hears 2 men plotting to murder the king and sends word to Ester, who reveals the plot to the king in the name of Mordechai, the plotters are caught and executed. Ester later tells the king that someone seeks to kill her and her people, King Xerxes demand whom this person is, she tells him Haman. The king confronts him mand later is executed and sentenced to death.

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