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Biblical 101: Lesson 7 Samuel. JC

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    Janina Cuellar


    Samuel becomes God number 1 prophet, his first prophecy was judgment of corrupt priest. The Lord told Samuel that he was about to judge the house of Eli, Eli’s sons were killed by the Philistines and Israel was defeated by them. The Philistines had capture the Ark and shortly after Eli had died, the Ark was place at the temple of the Philistines and there city became cursed, so the sent the Ark away. The elders of Israel ask Samuel to appoint them a king, the Lord told him chose Saul as the king. Saul defeated the Ammonites.

    Samuel was sent to anoint Jesse’s son David the king, the spirit came up David. David has his famous confrontation with Goliath and becomes a national hero, David then marries Saul’s daughter. Saul become jealous of David so David flees and begins an adventure.

    Samuel dies and Saul becomes a lost man, he turns to a medium because he finds no help from heaven, Samules’s spirit rises from the dead one last time to give his last prophecy to Saul telling him that at the next battle he would die and Saul them commits suicide.

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