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Anchored Amidst Affliction

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    Nicole Villalobos

    The Psalms are the expression of human experience written through divine inspiration. It’s fitting that they come after Job which is human experience being played out for all to see. We see humanity facing divinity in the ever ongoing struggle of the question,”Why?” Job’s experience speaks to the afflictions that we are subject to in this mortal world and the battle of trying to understand them. Job’s experience give meaning to his words, “though you slay me yet will I trust you.” It helps us to grasp the unfathomable concept of “it was good for me to be afflicted.” The human mind finds suffering foreign, whereas the Psalms highlights the suffering servant as an integral part of the anointed’s journey. As we see in Job and so many psalms, the blessing is in the breaking. Just as Christ was broken on our behalf, we too can expect to be broken , but rest assured there will be a blessing that will be birthed from it. This is evidenced in the “double for your trouble” blessing God poured out upon Job as He restored him. The Psalms come in as a support system for us while we endure the suffering. They will help to meet every need in life as we read and meditate on them. The psalms are the anchor to the afflictions we will go through. For those that are willing to hold fast to these poetic, yet powerful words, they will not be tossed to and fro in the sea of the storms, but rather they will be buoyed in their blessings as they remain anchored.

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