2 Samuel A.M

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    Angelita Madrigal

    The book of 2nd Samuel is when David became king. He was 39 years old and served as king for 40 years. All though not everyone agreed with him being king he still held it down. David reminds me of some of todays families that go through disobedience committing sin.  His greatest sin was sleeping with one of his own hard working men. This led to her becoming pregnant and trying to cover it up that lead to even more sin in which he was killed in a battle because David arranged for that to happen because he didn’t know what to do. After sin comes consciences. Some consciences that are very heart broken and hard to deal with. A lot of other things happen to his children through out the years, but David repented and confessed his sins and was forgiven. Just like that. The love the Lord has for us is so amazing and beautiful.

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