2 Samuel

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    Jaime Ahumada

    2 Samuel is great reading so much happen in this book with only 24 chapters. It covers the reign of King David for 40 years and the death of Saul. It covers Love, Lust, Sin, Jealousy , Murder and Revenge . The story that really spoke to me the most was chapter 6 & 7. David didn’t take the responsibility of the Ark. he passed it on to another Family. That entire family was blessed by the Lord being obedient. David could see the Blessing upon that family. He then took the Ark back and build a house in the name of the Lord I feel sometimes as a Christian being called by God to do his work and not taking the responsibility along with passing up our blessings. Yet notice another Christian servant steps up and takes on the responsibility being obedient to God’s call receiving all Blessings. This is something to recognize and be obedient and serve God!

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