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1st and 2nd Kings

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    Mario Ahumada

    Around this era, King David was getting older, and his reign was coming to an end. He had a son named Solomon who God was well pleased with. King David kept his vow with Bathsheba, and that was to make their son the next King, who is known as King Solomon King David gave King Solomon a few words of advice to keep the laws of Moses and he would be successful, When King Solomon asks that he would be a good ruler with understanding God was well pleased with him. King Solomon builds the temple for the Lord, he made it cedar planks and cypress, and everything was overlaid with gold. sounds amazing. The one thing that was King Solomon was he had many wives but from different beliefs which caused Solomon to stray away from the One true God Jehova. When Elijah went up against Jezebel and the 450 prophets of Baal, Elijah knew who he served he said to bring it down from heaven and the sacrifice was consumed. Elijah prayed for rain and so it came down in the name of Jehovah.

    Elijah was something else he would call fire from heaven with no problem because he knows who his God is without a shadow of doubt in his heart. Then the chariots of fire come down from heaven and picked Elijah up. The floating axe head with Elisha, God is amazing just knowing what God can do through us when we trust him with no doubt. When King Hezekiah got sick and God gave him a word and he was obedient and added more years to his life God is a Faithfull and just God when we are obedient to him.

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