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1st and 2nd Kings

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    Maricela Lopez

    One of the bible stories that i most remember from childhood is found in 1st Kings about Solomon making that judgement for those 2 women who came to him with a dead baby and both were claiming the baby was their own and he decided to cut the baby in half and give each one a piece the real mom spoke up and said let her have him and he knew that was the real mom. I though that was the most genius thing i ever heard, to my surprise when my daughter grew up she told me the same thing that was the most memorable bible story she heard as a child. The message of this book division because of disobedience Solomon to have had it all wisdom and riches and still he fell into sin the wisdom he asked for to lead God’s people and still the people were divided and ultimately became 2 sepreate kingdoms Israel and Judah. Israel had a harder time keeping a king and none did right in the sight of the Lord. Judah had kings that came from the lineage of David and God’s promises still in tact. Now there kings also did wrong in the sight of the Lord but they had a couple of good ones but they failed to bring down the high places where there was false god worship so in the end they also were taken captive. The most popular story I believe is the prophet Elijah and the miracles God did through him that Israel might repent.

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