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    Erika Morga

    1 King – At this time King David was very old. Haggith’s son Adonijah, makes himself King and when Bathsheba hears of this she immediately notifies King David and reminds him of the vow he made to her son Solomon to be the next King . Adonijah was recruiting priests to support him in being King but some refused to support him. Bathsheba was afraid of what might happened to them once King David dies.

    Zadok priests and Nathan the prophet took orders from David to take Solomon to Gihon Springs to anoint him as King over Israel. Before David dies he reminds King Solomon to follow the Lords ways and to keep all his decrees and commands, regulations and laws written in the law of Moses so that he will be successful in all his does and wherever he goes. Solomon builds the Temple to worship the Lord, then Solomon begins to rely on his fortune/might instead of God


    2Kings – An angel from heaven comes down and asks Elijah to deliver a message to the messenger of King Samaria regarding them going to Baal-zebub the God of Ekron to ask whether the king will recover instead of going to the Lord. The King became upset and ordered his army to arrest Elijah commanded fire to come down on the men and they were all destroyed.

    Elisha goes to the town of Shunem where there is a wealthy women who is very nice to him and makes him an upper room for him to rest. He become grateful has asks her what he can do for her. The women states she has no kids and her husband is old. Elisha prophecies and says “around this time next year, you will be holding a son in your arms”. it happened just as Elisha said.

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