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    Alex Ramirez

    1Chronicles, David loved and wanted to build a temple to replace the tabernacle, but God denied his request. David’s greatest contribution to the temple would not be the construction but the preparation. We may be unable to see the results of our labors for God in our lifetime, but David’s example helps us understand that we serve God so he his results, not so we will se ours.

    2Chronicles, Throughout the reigns of 20 kings, the nation of  Judah wavered between obedience to God and apostasy. The reigning king’s response to God determined the spiritual climate of the nation and whether or not God would send judgement upon his people. Our personal history is shaped by our response to God. Just as Judah’s failure to repent brought them captivity in Babylon, so the abuse of our high calling by sinful living will ultimately bring us catastrophe and destruction.

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