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    James McGilberry

    1 Chronicles focuses on the people of the land.  The anointed  Lord, the Ark of the Lord.  The Covenant of the Lord and also the temple of the Lord!  The central message that is present in both  1 Chronicles  and also 2 Chronicles as well.  Is the building of the temple of the Lord/ His house.  In 1 Chronicles King David was not allowed to build the Lord’s temple, but he was able to supply.  The needed materials, the people (the Levites, the Priests,  the Singers and also the porters).  There was also a charge that was given to King Solomon as well. By King David his father.  Before King David died.  King David wanted his  son/successor to his throne.  To be strong and to also observe what the Lord requires of him.  King David also wanted King Solomon to walk in obedience to the Lord as well.  2 Chronicles focuses King Solomon’s Fourty year reign and also Judah’s history up until captivity.  2 Chronicles also showed me that there were kings that honored God and obeyed him, and as a result.  There was peace, prosperity, and also unity within the kingdom, but when a king did not honor God and obey him.  The result of the kings disobedience.  Were catastrophic.  There was no peace, prosperity, or unity.  There was wide spread disunity and also wide spread fighting/wars.  That raged in the kingdom as well!

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