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    Kimberly Valverde

    The book of 1 Samuel could be made into a tv drama! A couple of my favorite bible stories comes from this book. One is the story of a barren woman named Hannah crying out to God and promising to dedicate her unborn child to God if He should bless her with one. God heard her cry and blessed her with a son. Hannah kept her promise and dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord. Samuel was a mighty prophet in Israel. My other favorite story is David and Goliath. David’s undoubting faith in God led him to stand up and fight (without armor), declare victory to Goliath’s face, defeat and kill the giant, and possess victory and freedom. 1 Samuel shows us God’s faithfulness and also reminds us that His way is always best. When we settle for second best, we settle for potential setbacks and failures.

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