1 Samuel

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    Troy Percy

    The first book of Samuel starts off with the family of Elkanan and Hannah’s vow; her prayer. It then goes into his childhood within ministry, Samuel’s first prophecy, and the Ark of God being captured and returned back to Israel. Saul was chosen as king but David was anointed and proclaimed king as kind, then Jonathan defeated the Philistines and King Saul spares King Agag and David anointed as king. David kills Goliath and Saul starts to resent David and starts to persecute David. Jonathan shows his loyalty to David, then David eats the Holy Bread and flees to Gath. David spares Saul’s life into the death of Samuel. David spares Saul’s life a second time. David allied with the Philistines; then being rejected by the Philistines to go into the tragic end of Saul and his sons.

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