1 Samuel

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    Brooke Percy

    A women who was barren prayed to God and asked Him to birth her a child so that she wouldn’t be shamed for not being able to bare children; she vowed to God that she would dedicate her child to Him if He would bless her with one. She ended up having a son shortly after that and named him Samuel – she took him straight to the church and Samuel was raised up by the Priest Eli. Now after Samuel began his ministry, we begin to learn about Saul who became a King but he was tormented by a Spirit from God for sinning against the Lord’s commands. David was found by Samuel and became an anointed King. Further down the line, Saul calls upon him  because he knows he it touched by God, and his presence drives off the tormenting Spirit until they begin to clash as he grows more and more jealous of David. The rest of the story is really David escaping and running from Saul from town to town because he doesn’t want to kill or defy his King even thought he had many chances to do so. He continued to get driven into hiding from Saul and his troops, and after Saul dies he becomes ruler over all.

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