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1 and 2 Chronicles

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    Claudia Rodriguez

    The books of Chronicles are an account of events arranged in order.  They take us from Adam to Nehimiah and give the main genealogies of the nation of Israel.   Also mention the main events of the Davidic kingdom to the time of the Babylonian captivity.  The central messages of the Chronicles are  the Temple (house) of the Lord.  1 Chronicles 11 to the end gives the reign of David and his preparation for the building of the temple.  2 Chronicles 2 -9 gives the account of the reign of Solomon and the building of the temple.    The temple was a symbol of  unity of the nation , a reminder of the nation’s high calling and a sign that Jehovah was still with His chosen people.   In Chapters 10 -11 we read about the the Anointed of the Lord where the reign of David begins.  The Ark of the Lord – the bringing of the ark of the Lord to Jerusalem.  The Covenant of the Lord – Chapters 13-16.  The house of David.  Chapters 18-20 give the divine implementation of the covenant.  The Temple of the Lord is in chapters 22-29.  Chapters 10-36 mentions about Judah’s history to the captivity.  The captivity (exile) and the suspension of the throne of David.    In Galatians 6:7 the truth for us to learn is mentioned: Don’t be a fooled.  You can’t outsmart God.  A man gathers a crop from what he plants.

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