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    Tammy Ahumada

    The book of 1 Kings starts off with the death of David. It continues with the story and the reign of Solomon. I loved that this man was given the opportunity to have anything in the world and he chose to ask for wisdom above anything else. The Lord blessed him greatly for doing so. David his father was the one who wanted to build the temple, but it was Solomon who ended up getting this honor. Solomon was so well known throughout that time that The Queen of Sheba desired to meet with him and did. This book goes into great detail on the measurements and requirement that the Lord wanted in the temple as well. 1Kings is where we hear about the evil Jezebel who was killing off the Lord’s prophets and I assume is where were get the term “Spirit of Jezebel” from today. Solomon ultimately ended up disappointing God on a very large scale and dies a defeated a man. We also meet the prophet Elijah in this book as well.

    2nd Kings
    This books describes how the Kings of these days did not obey God’s law and how the suffered for it. The book describes may kings…most of them evil but there were a few good ones as well. There were a few honorable people left and Elijah was one of them. This book continues with the story of Elijah. Imagine today if we could bring fire down from heaven like Elijah did…not once but twice!! I can only imagine the vision of Elijah being taken up in a chariot of fire and his anointing falling on his follower, friend and future prophet Elisha. Some of the great thing Elisha did was bring a boy back to life, take poison stew and make it clean to eat and caused Israel to win battles without even fighting. We should take from 2nd Kings that we must serve God and only God if we want to succeed in life.

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