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    Jaime Ahumada

    1 Chronicles shows us the lineage of David. Starting with Adam to the Descendants of Benjamin. This book ends with Solomon named as King by King David. As I read this book and seeing how many warriors that came from his family heritage and the battles that were won and the ones that were defeated. Just reminds me how my family heritage of Christians have battled against the enemy for years. For my current family now to have a better life. To serve the Lord and his chosen people.
    2 Chronicles the beginning of this book Solomon asking for Wisdom and ending with the fall of Jerusalem. also King Cyrus allows the Exiles to return. Solomon builds the Temple. Reminds me of us as Christians. God has a calling on our life at a young age. We are to be taught to love the Lord and follow his path so we can fulfill what he has planned for us in our lifetime. Solomon’s Dad King David started preparing this for him to be successful when he grows up to be King. This is a role our parents should take to prepare us for our walk with Christ. As Solomon builds the Temple with the best of the best. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron. The fine detail of the Temple. We are the temple built by God blesses with fine detail big and small.


    David Loya

    yes chronicles 1 and 2 are so powerful and a great read to learn about the history and lessons. we see the lineage of king david and his son solomon as king after him but alot went on before that. and then i see how many warriors came from the linage of david. and the battles that were won and the battles that were lost. and how we can learn from king davids mistakes, and see Gods hand in his life. also how solomon built the temple and how king david couldnt. well God didnt want him to. and how solomon asked for wisdom, and he recieved it. so good alot of good things in this book.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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