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Victor Usher

I found myself reading through John catching some verses differently due to how the context was written. John 1:18 was a verse I shared with a buddy this week. Thankful Jesus had revealed God to us. In John 1:19‭-21 it seems as though the assistants were expecting somebody. Like, their faith. Their belief. They’ve been expecting a prophet. In John 1:48-51 Jesus saw Nathanael before he even came and even though Nathanael exclaimed, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Jesus greeted him by saying as they approached “Now here is a genuine son of Israel—a man of complete integrity.” That was Tight! In John 2:15 Jesus was Hot with rage making a whip from some ropes. I have never heard that verse in John 2:17 before. Reading John 5:24, I feel like I need to process this in believing it more and more. This was a scripture for my mediation! In John 5:20‭-‬23 , this whole scripture just proves that God has given complete authority over to Christ, and how Jesus represents/reflects the character of his father.) In John 6:5‭-‬6, I’m curious, ” Should we also walk like this in our leadership style? Reading John 6:63 convicted me. Human effort really can’t accomplish anything. I also remember in theology what was said that as we become Christians our goal isn’t to just count on stop trying to sin. It’s putting faith in Christ. But doesn’t that contradict the fact that we shouldn’t sin? Or try not to? I also feel I grasp it as with Christ, there is no condemnation. In John 15:24, even after Jesus performed miraculous miracles, they still hated him. John 16:33 read like a perfect outro. This whole book really hit home, especially John 16:33. Memories of the past, conviction and such, healing, and overall growth in remembrance of what God has done for me.

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