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Victor Usher

The book of Mark was an interesting read. It was one of the first books I read when I started to take my walk seriously. Some scriptures that caught my attention was Mark 1:12 (How the spirit “compelled” Jesus to go into the wilderness.) The guidance from the spirit. Man, I know that feeling. In the book of Mark it also seems as though some of the stories are summed up. In Mark 1:23-24 it states how a man possessed by an evil spirit can be in a synagogue. I think of the word, “possessed.” How it can be used in a religious aspect like, “Demon possession,” and in a casual conversation it could be grasp as, “What possessed you to do such a thing?” In Mark 1:34, (This verse shocks me. Are we also allowed to control demons?) I feel like it’s been said, “To cast out a demon,” is one thing, but to control them in a way like a puppet, is another. Mark 2:27 was an interesting verse as it shows the thinking/views of the concept of the meaning of the Sabbath. Mark 3:3-5 caught my attention in a way of how Jesus asked the question then felt a certain type of way when he noticed their hard hearts. As my brother would say, as he expressed it, “You gotta hawt condition.” In Mark 3:9 this was leadership 101 at it’s finest. Thinking ahead of the game in case the crowds got cray. In Mark 5:13, I was shocked at the amount of pigs. Seriously. 2000 pigs? That’s a lot of oink. I found myself reading Mark 6:4-6 the same day I heard TD Jakes do a sermon on this verse. It was meant to be. The healing of the man with the speech impediment was an interesting read. Simply because of how Jesus performed the miracle. The story around Mark 8:16 when the disciples started arguing about bread, it reminded me of myself. Jesus was right there with them and they forgot that their leader can perform miraculous signs and wonders. Like how he fed the 4000, and still had 7 baskets leftover. It’s crazy how when a new situation arises, we forget what God can do/will do if only if we would simply just ask him.

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