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Roberta Tyler


I found the Book of Daniel to be a very interesting book, in that it showed me how strongly dedicated and loyal Daniel was to God and His people. Although Daniel was very young when taken into captivity in or around 605 B.C., he was grounded in the precepts of God. And even though Daniel could have been killed for not compromising his beliefs, he remained steadfast throughout the sixty plus years of his captivity. Daniel was educated and skilled by the power of God, Himself. Which gain him the opportunity to be serve in the palace of king Nebuchadnezzar. I also found it interesting that Daniel was the first prophet taken captive by the king, and Ezekiel came into servitude to the king some years later. God purposed Daniel to be the vessel to show the people that He was the One and Only true God of Israel, and that He had all power and control of the destiny of every nation. Throughout Daniel’s life his prophetic interpretive skills and his visions of the future kingdoms, solidified the Book of Daniel to be an essential prophetic book of the Bible. And though there is no mention of the Holy Spirit being the source of his visions and prophecies, it is clear to me, that the Holy Spirit was within Daniel. The Book of Daniel prophecies and visions stood out to me because they were of events both of his time and future events that have not yet happened. Particularly, those of interpreting future events, such as, the antichrist, the Tribulation, Christ’s second coming, and two events that are new to me, the Times of the Gentiles, and the Seventy Weeks of Years. Reading the Book of Daniel has reminded me of what it means to live a life that is Holy and acceptable to God. And that our loyalty, dedication, and devotion must be only to God. We must have unwavering Faith and be humble. These are the deeds to living a Holy, God centered life. Great lesson!

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