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Biblical Mental Health Coaching


This course is an introduction to applicable wisdom for individuals desiring to help others live healthy and purposeful lives. Students will be taught pragmatic tools that will correspond with God’s Word. This course will discuss the best practices for helping individuals navigate through transitions, confusion, and intimidations.



Upon completion of this course: 

  1. Students will understand what Bible based mental health coaching is.
  2. Students will receive training on ethics and other professional responsibilities they must uphold as a mental health coach.
  3. Students will gain confidence in their abilities to listen and provide helpful feedback during client sessions.
  4. Students will learn to rely on the Holy Spirit leading of the Holy spirit. As well as develop applications from God’s Word for their implementation by their client during and outside of the session.

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Course Curriculum

Spring 2024
April 14th- Orientation on Biblical Mental Health Coaching Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 1 Quiz April 14th 00:10:00
April 21st- The Role of the MHC in the Church Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 2 Quiz April 21st 00:10:00
April 28th- MHC: Faith & Spirituality in the Coaching Process Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 3 Quiz April 28th 00:10:00
May 5th- MHC Responsibilities & Best Practices Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 4 Quiz May 5th 00:10:00
NPCC 302 Midterms Ava May 5th – May 12th 03:00:00
May 19th NPCC 302 Lesson 5 Crisis Intervention #1 Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 5 Quiz May 19th 00:10:00
May 26th NPCC 302 Lesson 6 Crisis Intervention #2 Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 6 Quiz May 26th 00:10:00
June 2nd NPCC 302 Lesson 7 As a Man Thinketh so is He Details 2 weeks
NPCC 302 Lesson 7 Quiz June 2nd 00:10:00
NPCC 302 Final June 9th 00:40:00
NPCC 302 Extra Credit (Available until June 9th) 00:10:00

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