MISSION STATEMENT: Positional Leadership

To empower and equip leaders to be sent and positioned for ministry in the inner cities around the world for the cause of the gospel.


This course gives the student an in-depth understanding of the principle of authority and honor from a godly perspective that will insure success in any arena of life. There are promises and protection granted only when we are properly submitted to the authority assigned to our lives that we will learn how to recognize and submit to.


Upon completion of this course:

  1. Students will understand how to position themselves for leadership.
  2. Students will have demonstrated submission to authority.
  3.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of the principles of honor.
  4. Students will understand the difference between Obedience and Submission: and how to identify which they are doing.


John Bevere. Undercover: the keys to living in God’s provision and protection. (2018) Thomas Nelson Publisher

John Bevere. Undercover: the promise of protection under His authority, Workbook. (2007) Messenger International.

(Textbooks, workbooks, lab fees, etc. are a normal part of the cost of your education.) Photocopies of the pages will not be accepted for credit. This constitutes a breach of copyright law and drives up the cost of textbooks. You will hand in your book assignments to the instructor/TA with midterm and final. Each week student will have student leader initial and date workbook assignment for full credit. 


Students are required to complete reading assignments on time and be prepared for class discussions and activities.  

Late Work  

Late work will only be accepted under special circumstances and only with prior approval from the professor (see guidelines for absences).  If late work is allowed, a late penalty of 10% will be applied for each day late.

Leadership University upholds the highest of standards when it comes to development of classwork or an assignment. All work should be your own. Plagiarism is unacceptable and will result in an immediate failure of the course. 

  1. If you did not write the words, they do not belong in your paper. You cannot COPY AND PASTE anything from a book, the internet or any other source and put it in your paper.  
  2. Do NOT include direct quotes unless the quote is cited properly and gives the author credit. Describe the material in your own words. Do not use words you do not understand.  
  3. You are free to consult with classmates about assignments, but please ensure that your work is your own. If your work looks too much like your classmates, plagiarism rules may be enforced. 


Pastor Marco Garcia, D.D.S

Professor Email: 


T.A. : Juan Mora

Course Curriculum

Leadership 103 Lesson 1: Overview – 5 Levels of Leadership Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson 2: Insights Into The 5 Levels of Leadership Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson 3: Five Levels of Leadership Pt. 1 Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson 4: THE PEOPLE AND MOVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson 5: Five Levels of Leadership Pt. 3 Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson #6 – EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION Details 00:00:00
Leadership 103 Lesson #7 Level 4 An introduction to people Details 00:00:00

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