Best Practices

This course is design to give students a fuller awareness of the non-profit industry both in the church and secularly. As well as practical tools to create their own nonprofit.
Upon completion of this course:
1. Students will learn fundamentals to launching a non-profit
2. Students will receive insights from industry leaders.
3. Students will gain confidence in their abilities to operate in the nonprofit industry inside and outside of the church structure.
4. Students will learn to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to cast vision and motivate volunteer staff; as well compel target to community to participate in the services provided by non-profit organization.


Course Curriculum

Details 00:00
Lay Biblical Counseling 301.2- Best Practices
LBC 301.2 Lesson 1- Solution Focused Practice 1: Listening & Questioning Details 2 months
LBC 301.2 Lesson 1 Quiz 00:10:00
LBC 301.2 Lesson 2- Note Taking & File Management Details 2 months
LBC 301.2 Lesson 2 Quiz 00:10:00
LBC 301.2 Lesson 3- Solution Focused Practice 2: Goal Setting Details 2 months
LBC 301.2 Lesson 3 Quiz 00:10:00

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