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Operating in our Inherited Nature


This course is based off the acclaimed book by author and minister John Bevere, Killing Kryptonite. Believers will learn how to destroy what has been keeping the church from the empowered position it held in the 1st century, through decisions on priority & identity. Info drawn from this book will be utilized to help students align their desires with godly principles and become self-disciplined bible reading, God following ambassadors of the kingdom operating in their potential and power!


Upon completion of this course: 

  1. Students will learn what their promised position in Christ is.
  2. Students will gain awareness of what is hindering their potential and power.
  3. Students will gain confidence in their relationship with Christ and right to operate in His promises
  4. Students will be confronted with personal areas of development and provided spiritual insight to strengthen weaknesses and repent from sin.

    T.A. Sahmae Jackson Contact via Text (951) 878-8958

Course Curriculum

April 14th Student Success Portal Presentation Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Student Success Quiz (April 14th) 00:10:00
April 21st IN 092 Lesson 1 Kryptonite Details 4 weeks, 2 days
IN 092 Quiz1 00:10:00
April 28th IN 092 Lesson 2 Covenant Details FREE 2 weeks
IN 092 Lesson 2 Quiz 00:10:00
May 5th IN 092 Lesson 3 Covenant Breakers Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Quiz3 00:10:00
May 12th IN 092 Lesson 4 The Power Of One Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Quiz4 1 week, 3 days
May 19th IN 092 Lesson 5 The Strength of Sin Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Quiz5 00:10:00
May 25th IN 092 Lessons 6 Repentance Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Quiz6 00:10:00
June 2nd IN 092 Lesson 7 Killing Kryptonite Details 2 weeks
IN 092 Quiz7 00:10:00
IN 092 June 9th Final 00:40:00

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